• Soil Movement Rate: 1.2 to 1.8 cubic feet per minute (requires air compressor 175 cfm at 100 psig)
  • Special nonconductive/non-sparking brass construction
  • Hard carrying case
  • 45 degree angle adapter
  • 10 foot 1″ hose

Setting a new standard for air excavation tools, the Utility AirSpade 4000 Series harnesses the power of compressed air to safely uncover underground utility lines without harm. AirSpade’s high-performance, patented supersonic nozzle generates a laser-like jet that moves at twice the speed of sound for faster, more effective digging. With non-sparking brass nozzle and components, electrically insulated 4 ft barrel rated to 300kV, and a lightweight, ergonomic handle, the Utility AirSpade 4000 maximizes jobsite safety while minimizing operator fatigue. Aluminum handle features full size grip opening to accommodate linesman’s gloves. Dead-man trigger ensures safe operation and trigger guard prevents accidental activation. Retractable stabilizer bar provides superior operator control. Integral pressure gauge ensures optimal digging performance.