Air Vac 150 SCFM

Air Vac 150 SCFM

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  •  2.5″ Vacuum Hose
  • Weight 220lbs
  • Size 30.5″W, 41.5″D, 107″H
  • Volume 14 cubic feet (100 gallon)
Powered by compressed air, AirVac effectively sucks up soils including dirt, sand, gravel, small rocks, and muck. High thru-put venturi vacuums up to 2 cubic ft/min of material with no motors or moving parts to wear out. With tank capacity of 14 cubic ft (100 gallons), AirVac is the portable alternative to large, expensive vacuum trucks. Dual handles and heavy-duty 13” pneumatic tires provide superior maneuverability. Includes 15 ft vacuum hose and 5 ft vacuum wand
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  • Durable, heavy-gage, all steel construction
  • 10” x 20” dump door
  • Vacuum and air line pressure gauges
  • Vacuum relief safety valve
  • Removable injector/exhaust silencer
  • Washable polyester filter; 99.99% efficient @ 1.0 micron
  • 4”OD vacuum inlet
  • 1”ID air hose inlet; Chicago style connector


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