Cobra 8T – 4 System Package

Cobra 8T – 4 System Package

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  • 40m (131ft.) Cobra rope
  • 1pc anti-abrasion hose (12m)
  • 8pcs expansion inserts (12m)
  • 8pcs end caps
  • 1pc blow torch

For branches/stems up to 30 inch diameter at the crotch

Rated to support the largest of mature tree structures, Cobra PLUS 8-ton allows limbs and stems to rock naturally in high, gusty winds, allowing the stems to independently shed forces naturally and encouraging the continued development of important reactionary wood fiber. But when swinging gets crotch-splitting wild, Cobra dampens the stems ability to reach it’s breaking point and, unlike static solutions, without sending a resulting stress force (caused by 2 parts acting as one) further down the tree.

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