Cobra 4T – 10 System Package

Cobra 4T – 10 System Package

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  • 100m (328ft) Cobra® rope
  • 20m anti-abrasion hose
  • 20pcs expansion inserts
  • 10pcs shock absorbers
  • 24pcs end caps

Trees are susceptible to various external forces including wind.  Additionally, trees may develop internal defects that may place their structural integrity into question.  The Cobra tree support system helps to alleviate the concerns of potential branch failure which often results in damage to vehicles, buildings, or even endangering pedestrians.

While offering support to potentially hazardous tree branches, the Cobra system allows for natural movement, thereby continuing to allow the tree to grow and respond to wind and gravitational forces.

The black cobra hollow rope is made up of polypropylene monofilaments and is the rope fiber that is best suited for a long-term use in trees. The degradation of strength is less than 2 % per year and allows a service life of 12 years of the cobra crown bracing system.  The Cobra system is available for purchase in our catalogue or contact us today for a quotation.

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1. Rope:

cobra 4 t, hollow braid 18 mm, coloured black,

according to DIN 83305, 50 m and 100 m rolls

(produced by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer)

Material : Polypropylene (PP) monofil

Weight: 12 kg/ 100 m

Tensile strength: 5,300 daN both sides quick spliced (static)

                               4,800 daN both sides quick spliced incl. shock absorber (dynamic)

                               > 4,000 daN after 8 years of service life

Stretch: 5 % at 20 % breakload (1,060 daN)

               6 % at 30 % breakload (1,600 daN)

               7 % at 40 % breakload (2,120 daN)

               8 % at 50 % breakload (2,650 daN)

               9 % at 60 % breakload (3,200 daN)

              approx. 17 % at 100 % breakload (5,300 daN)

Degradation of Tensile Strength: < 2 % per year of service life.Follows cobra standard with same filament strength.

(research papers – University of Weihenstephan)

2. Expansion Insert:

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Dimensions: Thickness: 2 mm, Width: 50 mm, Length: 580, 780, 980 mm

(Cambium compatibility research paper from University of Weihenstephan)

3. Anti-Abrasion Hose:

Material: Polypropylene (PP) textile webbing tube

Dimensions: Width: 80 mm x 12 m rolls

Recycling: Pos. l, 2 and 3 can be melted together

4. Shock Absorber:

Material: EPDM – special rubber with specified density

Dimensions: Diameter: 36 mm, Length: 400 mm

max. extension in rope under load 200 mm


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