Resistograph R650-ED (High Strength, Tropical Tree & Timber Inspection)

Resistograph R650-ED (High Strength, Tropical Tree & Timber Inspection)

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  • Recording resistance drilling machine with electronics
    -Internal Memory for 10,000 drillings x 50cm =5km
    -Automatically maximized thrust up to 2cm/sec
    -25 measured values per millimeter(10Bit)
  •  1 Version for high-density (&tropical)hardwoods
  • 1  Tool Kit
  • 2  Battery pack (~50-100 drillings)
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Thermal printer 57mm, Bluetooth
  • 10 Drilling needles R06(each ~200 drillings)
  • 10 rolls of Printer paper 12m
  • 1 DECOM Pro WIN-PC-Program
  • 1 Carrying case for complete system
  • 1 Carrying strap
  • 20 times Consulting Measurement Evaluation Assistant

After extensive research and development, Frank Rinn and Rinntech have improved all aspects of the new Resistograph.

  • Android app allows for realtime measurement display on any smartphone or tablet PC that supports android (additional option of “remote control” by phone or tablet)
  • Stonger – Capable of drilling even the highest density trees
  • It now can drill to 50cm depth (optional up to 1 meter depth)
  • Transparent cover allows the user to see the drilling needle at all times to avoid potential damage and for easy cleaning
  • Drilling needle can easily be changed in any position
  • Internal memory for more than 10,000 drilling profiles
  • Complete automatic, electronically controlled motor to produce optimized measurements for ANY wood density (hard or soft wood).This is highly important as “manual” thrust control tends to produce unreliable, uncomparable measurements
  • Special “long life” drilling needles for prolonged usage and less breakage, especially for tropical high density trees (up to 200 drillings depending on density)
  • The scientific model even allows for “absolute wood density” measurement, utilizing special calibration capabilities and special needles
  • Bluetooth wireless thermal printer with 1:1 printout for easy direct comparison to what is being measured. More useful than any low-resolution electronic display
  • Comes with 2 batteries, easily charged in a vehicle, batteries last for appox. 50-100 drillings before recharge
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  • Cordless, fast, easy to use with one hand. The transparent cover allows the user to see the drilling needle and provides easy access for cleaning.
  • Drilling needle can be easily and quickly changed in any motor position.
  • Shockproof, non-explosive special rechargeable batteries. Unlike Lithium-Ion batteries, ours do not burn or explode if dropped and can be recharged many more times, last longer, are more reliable and safe.
  • The feed rate of the drill is automatically maximized while drilling and adapts to wood conditions (not to be set by operator). Optionally, it can be controlled manually when traversing through cavities/voids/gaps.
  • Machine regulation re-adjusts itself automatically while drilling for correct and comparable profiles. Re-calibration is not required for normal applications referring wood condition (decay assessment). For (scientific) assessment of absolute wood density we offer special needles and a self-calibration kit (as well as a calibration service by RINNTECH).
  • Internal memory for more than 10’000 drillings (each 50cm / 20″).
  • The wireless printer is automatically connected for simultaneous printout at a 1:1 scale on standard paper rolls (~ 30 print outs per roll of paper). A second printout curve (with user selectable scaling) can be added to show more details on the spot.
  • A Smartphone-APP provides simultaneous profile-display, storage and transmission of data, and (optionally) remote control of the machine.
  • RESISTOGRAPH® is thermally and electrically insulated in a shock-proof housing (in case the drill hits a power cable). It can be handled without gloves in extreme of hot or cold weather, unlike metal housings.
  • Under normal conditions, tech service should be done by trained distribution partners after ~5000 drillings. Normal dirt can be cleaned by the user, as it will be readily visible through the transparent casing.
  • We offer two year warranty on the drill and one year on the batteries.
  • Our complete RESISTOGRAPH® kits are always ready to use: the drill, a tool kit, printer and batteries, drill bits, rolls of paper, carrying strap and carrying case. There are enough drills to conduct at least 1000 drillings in normal conditions, the software and the manual.
  • Design and features of our new RESISTOGRAPH® result from our own practical and scientific inspections of thousands of trees, palms, poles, and timber (structures) since we develop this method in 1986. There is no one having more and longer experience in this technology!
  • Fully automatic thrust maximization during every drilling: drilling too slow leads to non-clear low-sensitive profiles; drilling too fast leads to needle breakage; profiles obtained with different drilling speed are difficult/impossible to compare. Before drilling, wood density is difficult to estimate and thus often drillings are carried out with too high or too low speed leading to corresponding problems, often requiring an additional drilling. Our drills automatically drive as fast as possible without endangering the needles while still providing the same and comparable optimal (linearly density-correlated) profile scaling. There is no other resistance drill providing these features since 1999, making drilling much easier and more reliable!
  • The transparent cover of our drill allows visual control of what is going on in the drilling machine (preventing damages by buckling/breaking needles or dirt). Needle breakage even directly in front of motor is no problem because such damages can be identified instantly and the needle can be changed in every motor position.
  • One-handed operation: the operator often has only one hand free for drilling. Our drill can be operated by one hand without having to see the device.
  • Maximum efficiency and reliability can only be achieved when the profiles are interpreted on the spot for deciding if/where the next drilling has to be carried out. This requires a high resolution 1:1-printout that cannot be replaced by a any low-resolution display.
  • Flexible external high resolution display: in many work positions it is impossible to see the display of the machine. Our Smartphone-APP displays more than just the current drilling depth and the profile in high resolution – it can be positioned wherever needed/visible.
  • Direct, fast, and obvious switches instead of a graphical screen menu: Not only when working in bright sun or in the cold, operation of a graphical menu can be difficult or nearly impossible. Our drill provides individual buttons/switches for the most common settings: this is several times faster than struggling through a menu. Can be operated with gloves, too.
  • Length, depth, size, and weight: Our new drill is lighter and thinner as all previous versions.
  • Although it has the same length as before and battery (+electronics) are included, it drills 10cm (4″) deeper and provides 50cm=20″ drilling depth. Optionally up to 1m (40″).
  • Drill-bits / Needles: The long-life needles stay approximately two times longer sharp. The needles for wood density assessment are specially treated and grinded.


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