Arbotom – Professional Inspection Version, 12 Sensors

Professional tomography inspection 2D

12 ABT sensor
1 ABTDNT-Battery pack
1 ABTDNT-Charger 110-240V
1 ABT-Tool-set
1 Serial Battery-pack-PC-cable
1 USB Serial Converter
50 Sensorpins 80×3.5mm
1 ABT Outdoor case
12 x 1m HIFLEX sensor cable
6 x 2m HIFLEX sensor cable
1 x 5m HIFLEX sensor cable
1 x 5m RIGID sensor cable
2 x Sensor cable <->Cable Connector
1 ABT WIN PC program,2D Version
-Mechanic graph
20 times Records evealuation assistance


The ARBOTOM® is a novel impulse tomography unit that enables an inside view of condition of trees and round wood. Hidden decay, invisible cavities and cracks and how large they are become visible with ARBOTOM® using sound impulses.

  • Determining the safety of trees
  • Measuring the wood quality of trunks and round wood

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